Here are some ideas for content for a fundraising site with a pizza theme:

  1. A pizza-making competition: Participants can sign up to create their own unique pizza recipes and have them judged by a panel of expert judges. You could even offer prizes for the top three pizzas!
  2. A pizza-themed bake sale: This could be a great way to raise money by selling homemade pizzas or other pizza-themed treats, like pizza cookies or pizza cupcakes.
  3. A pizza-themed silent auction: You could gather donations from local businesses or individuals and then hold a silent auction where people can bid on a variety of pizza-related items, such as gift cards to local pizzerias, pizza-making kits, or even a private pizza-making class with a local chef.
  4. A pizza-themed trivia night: This could be a fun and interactive way to raise money, with participants forming teams and competing in a trivia contest about all things pizza. You could offer prizes for the winning team, as well as for other categories like "best team name" or "most creative team costume."
  5. A pizza-themed movie night: Host a movie night where attendees can enjoy pizza and other snacks while watching a classic pizza-themed movie, like "Chef" or "Moonstruck." You could charge an admission fee or sell refreshments to raise money.

I hope these ideas help get you started! Let me know if you have any other questions or need more ideas.