Munch is Vancouver’s first restaurant-quality frozen pizza meal delivery service. When you think of frozen pizza, or pizza delivery, you probably think of bland ingredients, heavy dough, or salt and preservatives that make you regret your choice the next morning. Not with Munch - our restaurant-quality pizzas made by the talented chefs at the famous Nicli Antica Pizzeria are the perfect quick meal that doesn’t compromise on the ‘wow’ factor.


Thinking of stocking up on Munch but not sure how you’d make the most of your box? Below are 5 ways that Munch can help make your

mealtimes smoother.

Remove Weeknight Dinner Stress

A full, fresh meal on the table in 6 minutes? No chopping, washing, frying, or mess? Sounds like a dream come true! With Munch, you can have a quality, delicious meal, oven to table in just 6 minutes with only your plates to put in the dishwasher. Keep weeknights simple and stress free with a Munch pizza!

Simple Prep For Parties

Want to impress a crowd for game night, family dinners, or girls night in? Don’t spend your time slaving away in the kitchen - simple pop in a selection of Munch pizzas for a simple, easy, and delicious meal that's perfect for a crowd. Each Munch pizza is 12 inches, making it perfect for sharing.

A Meal Everyone Will Enjoy

One kid likes pepperoni, Dad won’t touch anything with a black olive, Mom wants to eat more veggies - it can be impossible to find one meal that everyone likes! And if you have vegetarians or vegans in your household, finding one dish can become nearly impossible. With Munch, you’re able to select the toppings that each person likes most, with vegan &vegetarian options that are just as tasty as those with meat! Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh pizza?

Make Your Pizza Addiction Healthier

Find yourself craving pizza, but hate feeling bloated, bogged down, and sick to your stomach after one too many slices? Munch pizza lets you indulge in your favourite meal without any of the guilt. Our crust is fermented for 36 hours, which means that it’s light and gentler on your stomach. Plus, instead of piles of toppings, our chefs craft thoughtfully selected ingredients that pack a punch of flavour, without stacking a pizza amile high under greasy cheddar cheese. Keep some Munch pizzas on hand in your freezer for late-night cravings, a treat meal, or even just a regular Tuesday night!

Safer Date Night At Home

Want to treat your special someone to a romantic dinner, but not feeling ready to get back to eating in restaurants? Munch gives your restaurant-quality pizza that you can easily enhance with all the date-night trimmings - a decadent dessert, your favourite bottle of wine, and some simple candles & music to set the mood! Plus, no need to drive, park, or find a baby sitter - bring the romantic restaurant to you!


As you can see, there are so many ways that Munch can help make your meals simple, fast & delicious. Explore our variety of flavour sand build your Munch box today - delivered to your door with FREE delivery, always.