At Munch, one of the things that sets us apartfrom traditional delivery pizza is our high standards for quality and process –which is why our pizzas are Neapolitan-style pizzas with chefs that handcrafteach pizza pie. What makes a Neapolitan pizza so special? Let’s dive into therich history of this pizza-making process that sets the gold standard forlight, crispy, fresh pizzas!


The History of Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza is one of the most treasuredpizza recipes not only in Europe but in restaurants and pizzerias around theworld.


It has a long tradition that stems backcenturies and was even considered a “fast food”, particularly because it wascooked at very high, intense heat for just 90 seconds! It was originally madefor the poor classes that inhabited Naples as a way to use up leftoveringredients.


The very first pizza was made in 1889 forQueen Margherita of Savoy by Italian chef and tavern owner, Raffaele Esposito,considered by many as the “father” of modern pizza. The delicious pie had amixture of toppings that reflected the Italian flag – mozzarella cheese, basil,and tomatoes.


The unique way of creating the dough is thehallmark of Neapolitan pizza. In fact, there is a regulatory body that overseesthe quality called the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. Being certified withthis body means a pizza maker has to conform to using the ingredients andbaking process required.


Steps to Creating the UltimateNeapolitan Pizza


1. The dough is made with what is called 0 or00 wheat flour that comes from the Naples area.

2. The only rising agent permitted is freshbrewer’s yeast with a mixture of salt and water.

3. Once the dough is ready to work with, it isonly to be hand-kneaded or, as an alternative, very gently mixed with amachine.

4. The dough must be shaped by hand, neverrolled out and be a thin crust of no more than 3 millimeters, at which pointthe traditional toppings are added.

5. Next, it’s baked for just 60-90 seconds ina wood oven at approximately 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.


The result is a taste and texture sensationthat is amazingly delicious. The crust is chewy, not crispy, while the top ismoist, savory, and comforting.


Today’s traditional pizzas use sugar heavilyto help the crust quickly rise. The end result is somewhat undercooked orovercooked crusts that don’t allow the toppings to marry well with the crust,creating a lackluster taste and a heaviness in your stomach after you’vefinished your meal. Modern delivery-stype pizzas also tend to use frozen,processed, or over-the-top combinations, while Neapolitan pizzas focus on freshsimplicity.


There have undoubtedly been hundreds ofinterpretations and new creations that have been borne from the originalNeapolitan pizza pie, but none can compare to the real thing.


That’s why Munch is committed to theirNeapolitan pizza making process. Nicli Antica Pizzeria, where our pizzas aremade, is a Certified Neapolitan Pizzeria which means we hold ourselves to thehighest standards of excellence in producing Italian pizzas.


And that means you get top quality pizzas youand your family will enjoy time after time!