Imagine the typical dinner time scenario - you come homeafter a long day, you’re too tired to cook, but don't want to order a pizzathat will make you feel heavy and put you straight to sleep on the couch forthe rest of the evening. This is where Munch comes in! While there are lots ofoptions for dinner time ‘solutions’, there’s nothing quite like Munch when itcomes to quick, convenient & delicious meals.


What is Munch?

Made by the skilled chefs at Nicli AnticaPizzeria, Munch provides flash-frozen Neapolitan pizza that lets you havedinner on the tables in 6 minutes - without the preservatives, blandingredients, or cost of your standard frozen meal or delivery order. Munch usesfresh, quality, and Italian imported ingredients in all of our pizzas, meaningyou have fresh, oven-to-table pizza that rivals any night out.


Munch vs Meal Prep Kits

While meal prep kits such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron andChef’s Plate may save time on grocery shopping, you still have to prepare, cook& clean up after your meal - making those 30 minute meals eat up an hour ormore of your evening! Munch gives you a fully prepared meal that will pleaseevery member of your family - all you have to do is bake for 6 minutes, with nomess or cooking clean up. While Munch meals are frozen to stay fresh when youneed it, meal kits often have fresh items that go bad fast, meaning you canhave wasted food, with your money going straight into the garbage can with thatrotten parsley!



Munch Vs. Delivery

One of the go-to dinner fixes when cooking feels like it’stoo much is delivery. While apps make ordering dinner easy, they also come withloads of fees, price mark-ups, and a tip, a $20 meal can quickly add up! Plus,while there's no cooking involved, ordering delivery can take just as long (orlonger!) than cooking a meal yourself. If you’re looking to order at dinnertime on a weekday, or bring in a spread for the game on a Sunday afternoon, youcould be waiting for over 40 minutes just for your meal to arrive.


Once your delivery makes it to your home, having to reheatlukewarm food, plate, and serve can leave just as much of a mess as a homecooked meal. With Munch, you can feel good about your dinner choice, whilestill indulging in a restaurant-quality meal. While delivery may leave youfeeling sluggish, bloated, and over-stuffed, Munch’s fermented dough and freshingredients means you feel satisfied without any of the morning after regret ofa heavy takeout.


Munch vs In-Person Dining

Sometimes a special occasion like date night,an anniversary, or hosting friends from out of town calls for an elevatedexperience. But restaurant dining can have its own set of challenges. From thetime spent driving, parking, waiting for a table, and then waiting to beserved, by the time you actually get to enjoy your meal hours could havepassed! Don’t forget about the over-priced wine, tip, and parking costs, andyour dinner out can add up fast. And for a weekday dinner? The effort is justtoo much!


Munch lets you have a restaurant experience inthe comfort of your own home. Elevated frozen pizza can be the star of yourgathering, with easy upgrades such as olive or chili oil, seasoned arugula, orflavoured honey taking your pizza dinner to the next level. Whether you’relooking for a romantic night in or a meal that both kids and adults will enjoy,Munch is the answer!


Make Munch Your Weeknight DinnerSolution

Fast, fresh pizza, oven-to-table in under 6minutes - what could be better? Stock your freezer with a variety of flavouroptions to have on hand. Munch is perfect for weeknight dinners, make-aheadlunch, or gatherings with friends and family. Explore our flavours and buildyour Munch box today!